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The Dubai city scape - a view from the W Residences luxury apartments Palm Jumeirah
A man walks into his luxury apartment block in Dubai
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Why dubai?

Dubai offers an unparalleled property investment opportunity. Strategically positioned where east meets west, it is the 6th most visited city in the world and hosted more than 3 million visitors in the past year. An already positive growth rate is set to arch upwards with Expo 2020 Dubai, the world’s greatest show with live pyrotechnics displays, concerts and arts anticipated by people of all ages.

In Dubai, ease of investment couples with economical and political stability to ensure excellent capital gains and substantial yields.

The W Residences luxury apartment complex at night

W Residences Dubai

Luxury Capital of
the Middle East




Invest in one of the world’s boldest developments. Extending out into the Arabian Gulf, this man made archipelago is shaped like a palm tree, lined with luxury accommodation and five-star hotels. From water parks and wildlife encounters to beaches and restaurants, The Palm Jumeirah offers the best of Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah is an oasis of relaxation and luxury on an archipelago so grand it is visible from space.


W Dubai –
The Palm

W stands for an obsessive desire to soak it in, live it up, and hit repeat. With the touch of a single button, residents can access the in-residence Whatever/Whenever® service and have instant access to 24-hour concierge, in-room dining, bespoke service and much more.

Delivering all of the best amenities and services only moments away from your private residence.

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W Residences

W Residences Dubai are the latest in an exclusive portfolio of distinctive luxury properties in incredible locations across the globe. A concept where the needs and desires of residents are met before being requested. Spanning every lifestyle option from amazing sociability to total privacy.

W Residences Dubai are known for delivering an all-round experience second to none.

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